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How to Use This Website

If you need help to use this site, then this section should provide all of the information that you need. If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1902 355 423.

  1. Finding a product
  2. Submitting a Quote Request
  3. Logging In
  4. Icons Used on this Website
  5. Order Tracking
  6. Invoices
  7. Reports
  8. Contacting Us
  9. Company Policies

1 Finding a Product

1.1 Use the Search button

Use the free text search, this will look in the product code, product name and product description for the text you have entered. Examples would include: Enter the full code, eg XOP201010, a partial code eg XOP201, or some text eg Raybox.

Once the search term has been entered, then click on the magnifying glass or press enter.

1.2 Use the Menu

Alternatively if you want to look for all products in a particular category then use the Menu Structure on the left hand side of the screen.

For example, click on Physics then Light, then Rayboxes and this will bring up a list of all items in the Raybox category.

1.3 Find Out More about A Product

Click on the View Details button to find out product information, view the Technical Specification, More images, and any Accessories for the product.

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2 Submitting a Quote Request

2.1 Adding Products to A Quote

If you haven't already logged in, you must do this before you can add items to your quote. Once logged in you can either:

    a. From the product grid, select desired quantity and click Add to Quote

    b. From the product detail screen, select desired quantity and click Add to Quote

    c. Or, if you know the code of the product that you would like to add to your quote, you can use the "Quick Add" option. Enter the code in the box above the main product menu, change to your desired quantity and click the basket icon.

    d. Upload a CSV file containing a list of items that you wish to add to your Quote

    2.1.1 Upload Items Directly to your Quote Request

    If you have a long list of items and you know our product codes, it may be quicker and easier for you to upload these directly to the website, via a CSV file.

    a. Firstly you need to create a CSV file in the following layout (BUT WITHOUT Column Headings): Product Code, Quantity. For help on this, click on the link on the Upload Orders page which will take you to our How to Upload an Order Instructions.

    b. Click on Browse to find your CSV file in your Documents.

    c. Click on the Upload button.

    d. Once uploaded you will be able to Review Your Quote, then click on the Add Items to Quote button.

    e. Then click on the View Your Basket button and you can now review the list, add or remove items, and amend quantities if you wish. You can then select your delivery options in the normal manner.

2.2 View Your Quote

To review the items that you have placed into your Quote, click on the Your Quote link in the Orange menu bar at the top of the page.

From here you can:

    a. Update the quantity

    b. Remove an item

    c. Empty the Quote screen

    d. Continue shopping

    e Select your delivery options

    f. Copy the items into a new enquiry

2.3 Select Delivery Options

    a. When you have selected all of the items that you are looking for, either click on the Select Delivery link in the Orange menu bar or click on the Select Delivery Options button in the Your Quote screen.

    b. Please check that your delivery and invoice addresses are correct; if they are not please call us immediately; if you require delivery to a different address please enter it into the Notes box

    c. Please check the email address is correct

    d. Please enter a valid reference number as you will not be able to proceed without one

    e. Please enter the required delivery date and any other order notes

    f. Click to agree to our Terms and Conditions

    g. Select your Shipping Choices and Documentation options. You may select as many options as you wish as each of these permutations will be costed for you once your Quote Request has been submitted

    h. To proceed click "Submit Quote Request" and your details will be submitted to our International Customer Services team who will then be in touch by email to confirm your final quotation, including all carriage and documentation charges

Please also see our Deliveries and Returns page for additional information.

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3 Logging In

Click on the Login / Register box at the top right hand side of the screen.

Registered users: Enter your username and password in the boxes and click Login

New Users: You will need to Register with us first, click on the link and fill in the registration form. Once this is complete we will then send you a username and a password (which you will be able to change the first time you log in). Once you have received your password you can login as a Registered User. We recommend that you change your password immediately - to do this, click on the Change Password link.

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4 Icons Used on this Website

4.1 Direct Delivered Items

Wherever you see this logo, the item(s) are delivered directly from our supplier. Carriage is not included in the selling price for these items. A Customer Services Advisor will contact you to advise the delivery charge and this will be added to your order.

4.2 Transport Restricted items

Wherever you see this logo, the chemical is defined as Restricted for transportation from the UK to overseas destinations. This means that it may be subject to additional controls and handling charges by the appropriate carrier companies.

For certain chemicals, purchasing smaller pack sizes may ease some of the transport restrictions, and these charges can be lessened - please contact us for details.

Please note that ALL chemicals should be stored and used in accordance with best practice guidance and according to your Risk Assessment.

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5 Order Tracking

Select the Order Tracking option from the menu bar.

Here you can search for all your current and historical orders (whether placed via the website or not). You can refine your search by searching for your order number, our order number, date or order status (In Progress orders, Quotes, Despatched, Cancelled or Invoiced). You can even copy products that you have previously ordered into a new quote, to save you having to type out the information again.

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6 Invoices

To view a list of all live invoices and your full outstanding balance, click on the Payments option from the menu.

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7 Reports

To view a summary of your account in PDF format click on Reports in the menu, select Account Summary and click on the View Report button.

To view a summary of all your outstanding orders in PDF format, select Back Order report and click on the View Report button.

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8 Contacting Us

Click on Contact from the main menu.

Here you will find phone numbers and email addresses for our International team.

To send an email to the office, click on the Send Us an Email button and your enquiry will be directed to the best person to respond to your query.

To ask us to call you back, click on the Request Call Back button.

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9 Company Policies

You can be assured that at all times, we operate to the highest safety, quality and environmental standards, and have a strict business ethics policy in force. To find out more, or download our policy documents, please go to the Resources pages.

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