These brand new Augmented Reality Cards bring animals and dinosaurs to life, and allow for an amazing space exploration experience.

Simply download the FREE app for each set of cards, scan the cards and let the fun begin!

Animal 4D+ Cards  

Examine different types of animals and witness them come to life.

Have an elephant on the palm of your hand, or maybe you'd prefer a lion instead?!

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Animal 4D+ Food Cards

Use this set with the Animal 4D+ Cards to feed the animals.

Each animal will only eat its associated food; enhancing pupils' knowledge and imagination.

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Dinosaur 4D+ Cards

Watch dinosaurs leap out from the flahcards and take you back to ancient times! 

Spot the origins of dinosaurs and simply tap to see them in action.

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Space 4D+ Cards

Pupils can spin the planets like a globe, see the differences between the planets in size, and even control the rovers on the Moon or Mars! 

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