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Universal Stand for Teltron Tubes

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Designed to accommodate the whole range of Teltron tubes and accessories, the universal stand provides unimpeded access to all plug and socket connections and gives a clear view of the experimental zone. The vertical stanchion is die-cast, integral with the plinth, in aluminium and stove-enamelled in Teltron Blue; the jaws, clamped in the stanchion cavity are made of heat-resistant plastic and provide good electrical insulation.
Any tube can be mounted in the stand by placing the neck within the stanchion cavity and springing the side caps of the experimental zone sphere into the jaw clamps; any tube thus mounted can be rotated through 360° about an axis which is 25cm above the table top. The stand is mounted on 3 rubber feet.
Overall dimensions: 34 x18 x 30cm (HxWxL)
Weight: 2kg
DescriptionUniversal Stand
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