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• Linear propagation of cathode rays
• Deflection by a magnetic field, a particle-nature effect
• Electrostatic charging, image distortion, a particle-nature effect
• Introduction to electron optics, inversion, magnification, reduction, aberration, a wave-nature effect (use one coil of XAR 060 020)
• Comparison of cathodic stream and electro-magnetic radiation
• Postulation of the de Broglie theory of duality
The diode gun, a tungsten wire 'hair-pin' filament and a cylindrical anode, projects a wide beam of cathode rays into the evacuated experimental zone; a beam of light from the hot filament is also projected into the experimental zone; comparisons can therefore be made of the respective shadows cast on the luminescent screen by the interception of both beams by the Maltese Cross.
The filament is connected to two 4mm sockets in the end-cap; the cylindrical anode and the Maltese Cross are each connected to 4mm plugs mounted on plastic side-caps.
Anode Voltage 2000-5000V DC
Maximum Filament Voltage 7.5V
Anode Current at 4000V 1.8mA
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DescriptionMaltese Cross Tube
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