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Mystrica Wireless Colorimeter 2.0

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Colorimeters are widely used in schools for making accurate measurements of coloured compound concentrations in a variety of experiments. Includes: ۢ Wireless connection to iPads and iPhones - Each colorimeter has a unique identity. The app detects all units within range of an iPad or iPhone and allows one to be selected.
• USB connection for PCs
• Useable with test-tubes or cuvettes
The Mystrica Colorimeter can still be used as a stand-alone unit, and features include:
• Small, robust size, while maintaining high performance criteria
• Easy to read LCD display showing absorbance or transmittance
• Three choices of coloured light provided by red (630nm), green (525nm) or blue (465nm) LEDs
• Free software can be used to generate tables and graphs Shortened Calibration cycle
• Increased stability of calibration values<br/font-weight:bold">Mystrica Colorimeter App>
Android [requires Bluetooth 4.0] and iOS apps are now available for the Mystrica 2.0 Wireless Colorimeter.
DescriptionMystrica Wireless Colorimeter 2.0