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Ice Melt

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Ice Melt is a professional trade de-icer: äó¢ De-Ices on Contact äó¢ 100% Active Ice Melt - no filler äó¢ Long Lasting - retains ability for up to 36 hours äó¢ Dual Action - works to äší15ŒáC acts from top down & bottom up äó¢ Salt Free - Non-Corrosive to concrete, metals, floors etc., does not leave track marks like Salt äó¢ Up to 10x more effective than Rock salt äó¢ Biodegradable, Non Toxic - safe for children, animals & plants
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DescriptionIce Melt
Product NameIce melt
Pack Size25KG
Chemical FormulaN/A
Molecular WeightN/A
UN Class//