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Glo Germ Liquid

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Glo Germ™ Kit
How clean are your hands? This kit is excellent for teaching aseptic techniques such as proper hand washing and surface cleaning. Apply liquid or powder directly to hands or to a work surface. The student works through a normal cleaning routine and then views the hands or surface area under an ultraviolet lamp for remaining "germs". Kit contains a battery-operated LED UV lamp. The lamp uses 3 AAA batteries (included) and is 95mm long. No electrical outlet is required, so the kit can be used anywhere. The wavelength of this ultraviolet light is not adequate for germicidal use.
CAUTION: UV light can cause damage to the eyes if looked at directly. It should only be used to indirectly observe the effectiveness of this test.

Glo Germ Liquid
Oil-based liquid for demonstrating proper hand washing technique. Apply a small amount to hands, perform a normal hand washing procedure, and then view hands under ultraviolet light for remaining "germs". Each 8-oz bottle is provides 75 to 100 applications.

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