Discharge tube S

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• Evidence of positive as well as negative charges
• The nature of gaseous discharge at various pressures and voltages
• Magnetic deflection indicating more positive ions
• 'Canal-ray' luminescence, mean free path
• Colour depends on gas filling
At each end of the tube is a phosphor-coated flanged glass bulb; the main discharge tube is 130mm long, 15mm bore diameter and made of glass with flanged ends. The electrodes and the 4mm plug terminations are housed in the two plastic supports which also contain the flange-retaining rubber cups and the vacuum seals; these supports provide the means for mounting the discharge tube in the slides of the Universal Stand. A precision needle valve is included which mounts within the neck-brace of the stand and is self-located in the tail-stock. Vacuum required 5 x 10-5 torr. 2000-5000V DC (typical discharge current 1.2 milli-amps).
Note: Tube Holder (XAR 060 005) is not included - see page XXX.
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DescriptionDemountable Discharge Tube S
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